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The Chlorella grows under natural daylight

Our organic Chlorella is cultivated within glass tunnels under the natural daylight.

Organic Chlorella Echlorial is produced in an extremely protected environment, unpolluted from dust, insects, birds… This system is patented and produces a Chlorella of the highest quality.


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All key points about chlorella

    1- organic Chlorella detox

The organic Chlorella  naturally cleans up our organism

The most famous and efficient Chlorella’s benefit is its detoxifying effect that removes toxics from our organisms, including heavy metals such as MERCURY, LEAD, CADMIUM, dioxins, and chlorinated aromatic compounds such as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). To date, chlorella remains the most efficient natural means of eliminating such toxics from the organism.

      2- organic Chlorella contains B12

Among all the Vitamins the Chlorella contains, it is also composed of B12 Vitamin which is a crucial element in our diet.

The B12 is generally only found in meat, that’s why Chlorella can be a very useful supplement for vegetarians and vegans who also need this element.

    An intake of 3 g of Chlorella cover the body’s daily need of B12.

  • Where can I find the purest Chlorella ?

The purest Chlorella on the market is cultivated in Germany in a plant where the process used to produce the Chlorella is patented.

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